Heading Down the Oregon Coast - SHOWERS!

Yesterday, I left Portland, and headed for the Oregon Coast. I didn't get much sleep the night before and my eyes didn't want to stay open, so I stopped halfway for a coffee.  I fell in love all over again with my JetBoil and my AeroPress. Coffee took all of 3 minutes to make and I was soon back on the road.

I swung by my favorite spot for fried oysters (thanks Jane Conboy!)
After eating HALF of my oysters, I remembered to take a photo.
After lunch, I took a nap at the Tillamook RV park near the hangers (where we had the Tillamook MeetUp).  Then I traveled down the coast a bit and spent the night in the pullout right past Cloverdale.  This is a very sweet spot you can find on freecampsites.net. There were only 4 other RVs and vans there and I spent a nice quiet evening watching the beautiful sunset, reading, and catching up on my sleep.


This morning, I met up with fellow Nomad Karri Konga, and we spent time watching whales, then shot over to Beverly Beach State Park for a shower.

While there, I asked the ranger about other possible shower spots and he gave me this handy dandy map booklet.  So here you go!  I'll post photos and a map of northern Oregon Coast later, but here are the photos and map of places along the central Oregon Coast where you can get a shower for only $2!

Anywhere you see a shower icon, you should be able to drive up to the ranger station, pay your $2, and get a parking pass.  Cool beans, huh?


By the way, I've highlighted Tillamook, because you can get showers at the local YMCA for $1 -- they have both early morning (5:30 - 8:30) hours and evening hours. Call for more info.



If you stop in at any of these State Parks, you can pick up a booklet which lists State Parks all over Oregon, including the Gorge, Central Oregon, Southern Oregon, Willamette Valley - with maps and a list of facilities.  

And it's FREE!

So Nomads, no reason to be stinky!
Get a danged shower!

Happy Trails!

Portland! Tillamook! Portland!

It was so nice to get back up to Portland!
It really has become "home" to me --

I parked and slept in my son's driveway. There is a room inside where I can stay, but I'm just more comfie in my own little van bed!

Each morning, I'd make coffee, open the van door and enjoy my son-in-law's beautiful garden while I read.  Here are a few of his flowers...

While here, I went through all my belongings AGAIN.
I probably was able to pull 1/3 of the items out
and had a nice yard sale.
I made enough cash to pay for my trip to Tillamook,
and for a new pair of expensive New Balance trail runners,
which I needed to help with the Morton's Neuroma 
that I've developed. 

Tillamook was fun!
The campground was grassy 
and covered with pretty little
yellow dandelions.
There were probably around 35 folks that showed up.
Small, intimate, and fun.
I stayed 5 nights and then spent the last night
at one of the Cheese factories.
I couldn't afford spending $15/night for any more nights.
But I stayed long enough to see my friends,
and to meet new friends!

One of my new friends, Jane,
had a new (to her) van,
and a few items I hadn't seen before.
One was this Jackery 240 Portable Power Station.
I was so impressed by it that I ordered one
when I returned to Portland.
I have solar panels and a very expensive 
AGM battery,
however it's a pain in the kazoo 
to set up the inverter when I want to charge 
my phone, my laptop, or my ipad.
With this Jackery Station, 
it's a cinch.
There are a lot of reviews on YouTube
if you want to know more.

Jane also had this cool urine separator.
She's going to build her toilet using it.

While in Tillamook, 
Jane showed me her favorite spot
Marty and Jane Brown went with Jane C and I
to this Old Oregon Smokehouse Seafood Market
where I got the BEST fried oysters I have eaten 
since they closed Gino's in Newport!
It is directly across from the big
Tillamook Cheese Factory,
so you can have oysters,
then ice cream!
They have other items on the menu as well,
including plain old burgers.

Sunset was beautiful in Tillamook.

Using my folding toaster inside the van. I love this thing!

On the last morning, I drove to Netarts and sat with my van door open,
while I had my coffee and toast and did my morning reading.
What a beautiful spot!

Then I headed back to Portland
to spend a couple of days with my granddaughter Hayden,
my eldest son and his wife.

Saturday and Sunday I need to finish packing up
the last of my belongings that are stored in my son's garage.
They have purchased another home and will be moving
at the end of the month.
They will keep my old house as a rental.

Once I've got things buttoned up here,
I'm heading BACK to the coast,
and will drive slowly down to CA,
enjoying the scenery.

Stay tuned . . . 

Rosecrucian Museum San Jose

While in San Jose, I visited the beautiful Rosecrucian Museum.
This is definitely worth seeing. Parking is easy in a separate lot, and free.
Be sure to call ahead and see what time school groups might be visiting. I beat them by 2 hours on the day I went, so it was nice to be able to see everything before there were 150 running children.  (Am I getting old and crotchety? Yes I am!)

Just a few photos . . .  I think you can click on each to make them larger.

Heading Down the Oregon Coast - SHOWERS!

Yesterday, I left Portland, and headed for the Oregon Coast. I didn't get much sleep the night before and my eyes didn't want to...